Monday, August 6

Hiatus from my hiatus

Summer has zipped by before my eyes...I've just now realized that I haven't posted anything in over a month.

I have this weird thing where the amount I write is inversely proportional to how happy I'm feeling. When things are going well, I just don't have the patience to sit down and be all deep and angsty...maybe just a few highlights.

Wicked: my aunt called me at the last minute with an extra ticket for Wicked and said, "would you like to go?" and I said, "do you even have to ask?" I was more excited than the kids in my preschool class were about going on the Bozo show. It was a splendid day, and now I'm burning a hole in the soundtrack with "Defying Gravity" and "As long as you're mine."

Camp: my job at camp last summer may have sent me directly to therapy without collecting $200, but I went back anyway. My friend and I pitched a tent and spent the week going down the zipline and pretty much doing whatever we felt like. My favorite doc was back, and we went off-roading in the golf cart and made fun of the kids who did stupid things to themselves.

Harry Potter: what else is there to say, really? The seventh book awakened my hibernating fingernail-biting habit and landed my youngest sister in my parents' bedroom with nightmares. It was long and frustrating at points, but the ending was quite satisfying. I thought that Harry really emerged as a Christ figure in the last chapter, but that could be my "all things" Kyuperness talking.

New Jersey: I leave on Thursday for a roadtrip to my friend Laura's New Jersey beach house with a couple of other girls from the nursing program. For some weird reason I really like roadtrips and am looking forward to it immensely.

And of course there were the trips to Holland State Park, ultimate frisbee games, and ice cream cones...the usual summer stuff. And now work has sent me my final full-time schedule, the booklist is posted, and tuition is due. And so it continues.

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