Monday, May 19

I did it!

College graduate...has a nice ring to it, don't you think?


Jason Pratt said...

Awwww... {g}

I recall the nursing graduates at UTK being very, um, lively sorts, at both mine and my brother's graduation. Any stories worth sharing from the graduation floor? (The communications department sat directly in front of nursing when I graduated, and I got string-canned. Canned-stringed stringed. Stringed with canned strings. Some composite verb of that sort that doubtless would look better in German... {g})


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You're in a worthy profession and I do hope you always remember that it is about the patients...even when the suits tell you to just do your job and not get too involved with those you are helping.

Rachel said...


Unfortunately, we're a pretty boring bunch. No silly-string for us. :) Our pinning ceremony featured a tune about bodily functions to "Baby One More Time," but that's about as silly as we get.


Thanks for the encouragement. Are you or one of your family members in the health profession? Not too many people outside of nursing use the term "the suits."

Anonymous said...


Yes, my lovely wife of 30 years (this June 3rd!) is a nurse. The term "suits" were those of authority when I was young with long hair and did other things of which I will not speak!

I found your blog when you had commented one time on Chris Tillings about universalism. What you had written was strong enough to see who was behind the words.

Keep looking to Jesus and do know that when your job gets really hard...there are many who depend on you and love you because of your care for them.

Rachel said...

Ah, yes...I think I have graduated to "unabashed universalist." ;) You're not the only one who found my blog through that comment...I guess a lot of people read Chris Tilling's blog.

Thanks again for the encouragement...I think I have only a small idea of what I've gotten myself into in nursing!

Jason Pratt said...

I hope I was of some help in the unabashed becomingness there. {G!}

If you can give me a drop-box (PO Box or something of that sort), I'd be glad to send you an autographed copy of Cry of Justice as a graduation present. {s!} You should have some fun picking out underlying thematics in the story.


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