Thursday, January 29

Rachel is thinking about status updates.

Lately I've noticed that I've been updating my status on Facebook (and looking at other peoples') more than what is probably healthy. And it got me thinking about status updates and the whole "microblogging" phenomenon...what are our motives for telling the world what we're up to?

a. I think that what I'm doing is cooler than what you're doing, and you should definitely give a crap. Or in the same category, I'm having a great time without your face!

b. I'm just a little bit miserable and I'm hoping to hear from someone who is just a little bit miserable too...after all, misery loves company.

c. I really am looking for someone to sell my microwave to! 


d. I'm looking for some connectedness in a digitalized world. 

Maybe we do just genuinely want to know what's going on with our friends and they want to know what is going on with us, but sometimes it can seem like a narcissistic exercise when people post things that only someone who is ridiculously infatuated with them would care about. In the words of Dr. Kelso (sorry, I'm on a 'Scrubs' kick): "Who has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap? ME!"


Chaela said...

I've heard the same concerns expressed about having a regular blog, let alone the micro-variety, LOL!

bethany said...

There was this great New York times article about how microblogging (facebook and twitter mostly) does create a sense of closeness or nearness with others. Part of what makes us feel like we know each other is knowing the minutae of each others lives. Sure, it's a sad replacement for embodied community, but it's a nice supplement for those who have moved away.

Jason Pratt said...

Speaking as someone who has a microwave to sell (or words to that effect)... {g}

It's nice to see you posting again.

I know you were following along at Gregory's EU blog for a while; did you know we've all migrated over to a new forum set up for Gregory as guest author? Thomas Talbott (author of The Inescapable Love of God plus a bunch of articles and joint books on the topic of orthodox universalism) just signed on as our second guest author, too; and Gregory is having a discussion with author and professor Dr. Joel Green (time permitting in their schedules, and JG's health permitting. He's still recovering from surgery earlier this winter.)

We'd love to have you over commenting there. {g} You always seem to have something worth hearing to say. (... ... ... I'm pretty sure that that grammar was accurate, but it sure doesn't feel like it was accurate... {wry g})


Krystle said...

Okay, so I just "got" the title of this blog. I'm a little slow.

Megan Ten Broeke said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Bethany Keeley and found your blog through a link on hers.
Anywho, I've felt the same way about looking for connectedness in the digital world. I journaled the other day about how I open up my computer and expect to feel closer to people- why does this make sense to me?
On a related note, I stayed in a hostel last weekend, and was looking forward to meeting all kinds of foreign travelers open to conversation. Unfortunately, everyone's noses were buried in their laptops and phones. This one guy even said out loud that he was chatting on the Internet. What?!? There were eight people in the room with him! Granted, most of THEM were chatting as well, so I guess there's not much he could do.
Digital interactions are more appealing because they are much safer- less risk of rejection, or all those other pesky problems that come with real relationships. But, this digital world will just make us more isolated, lonely, and discontent which leaves us wide open to the siren song of the advertisers. Look at the results of the advent of television. Conspiracy? Maybe.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this too. Seems to me that this is taking the place of true community.

Joshua Blanchard said...

Another possibility is that status updates make it more likely we will do what we intend to do. For example, if someone updates their Facebook status to something relating to "studying," then it is more likely they will go ahead and study - for who wants to add the sin of falsehood to the sin of sloth?

Anonymous said...

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