Sunday, October 21

An Odd Place for Snarkiness

I'm doing research right now on pain control in end-of-life care, and my jaw dropped through the floor when I came to this paragraph:

"Part of the problem with pain control is overcoming the false dilemma between psychotropic hedonism and pharmacological Calvinism. Hedonism is the belief that pleasure is good and, in fact, very good. Calvinism is the belief that suffering is good. Puritanism is the fear that somewhere, someone is happy. Nurses and other health care providers need to ask themselves what their attitude is toward pain and the use of psychotropic agents to control pain."

I can't believe that someone would write in all seriousness, "Puritanism is the fear that somewhere, someone is happy." Am I supposed to be learning about professional nursing practice from someone who doesn't know anything about Christian doctrine and yet editorializes about "pharmacological Calvinism?" Good grief.

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Recovering said...

Wow. If they are going to be cheeky they should at least get their facts straight...