Saturday, October 13

Today I woke up at 12:45 only to be rushed out the door by my roommates because the buffet at Little India ends at 2:00. I've never even tried Indian food, but today I had it for breakfast.

Last night the KE apartments went to Post Family Farm for square dancing and a hay ride. Now you would think that the square-dancing thing would be pretty chill since we're all in college, but it was just as awkward as as my 8th-grade roller skating parties. Not to mention that I really hate touching people I don't know without exam gloves on and a bottle of hand sanitizer nearby.

I'm in the midst of going especially crazy indulging my church-hopping fetish. Last week I went to a charismatic church with my roommate and tomorrow I'm going to an Orthodox church. Maybe next week I'll go to that drive-in church on Breton. Maybe I should stop going to church like a movie reviewer. But it's so much fun...

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